Our Business

Major fields of business

  1. Development, manufacture and sales of materials for disposable body warmers and technical guidance for manufacturing body warmers.
  2. Development, manufacturing and sales of functional materials and raw materials related to medical and cosmetic body warmers.
  3. Development, manufacture and sales of functional materials for medical use.
  4. Development, manufacture and sales of functional products for agriculture.
  5. Development, manufacture and sale of daily necessities and sundries.

Policy for Developing Products and Technologies

Our Company is “Warmth from Japan for all! Aiming for comfortable warmth for all!” We are “passionate” about developing thermal products and materials not only for the domestic market, but for the entire world.
In recent years, we have been working to create and expand new markets by launching a small heating element business with a temperature control function that does not exceed a certain temperature and safety devices that are safe and secure and do not cause burns.
We develop products by clarifying the roles of each other with our subcontractors and customers.
Please feel free to contact us with your requests.

Policy for Quality Control

Our Form of Proposals

Our Form of Proposals