Our Business

Major fields of business

  1. Production, marketing and technical guidance for the materials for disposable air‐activated body warmers "Kairo".
  2. Development and marketing of hyperthermic products and of such raw materials and resources for medical and cosmetic use.
  3. Development, production and marketing of the functional medical supplies.
  4. Development, production and marketing of the functional products for agriculture.

Policy for Developing Products and Technologies

Ferric specializes in developing, producing and marketing the substances and the packing materials for the air‐activated body
warmer, "Kairo".
Recently we are putting efforts with our clients especially on developing the functional materials of "Kairo" for medical and
cosmetic use, envisioning to create and expand a new market.
In order to do so, we keep the clear role‐sharing arrangements among the material suppliers, the processing companies and
We are also developing the new production technologies through the tests executed with our own various testing lines at our
Development Center.
We keep proposing to our clients more functional materials as well as how to enhance productivity.

Policy for Quality Control

Our Form of Proposals

Our Form of Proposals