Ferric Inc.

About Ferric

Ferric, our company name, is an adjective derived from the Chemistry term which means "of, or relating to iron.
"More specifically, it is defined as" of compounds of iron in which it has a valence or oxidation number of 3." In formula,
it is noted as Fe3+and is the most stable iron in the air.

Ferric is a development company that stands on the core concepts of "heat" and "water."

We make proposals to our clients the unique products with functionality integrated in design.
Learning from the various cultures of the world, we develop the functional complex materials which will elevate the "technical safety" to the level of "feeling of security."
We are aiming especially to create and expand the market of the new exothermic agents for medical use as we focus on the development of the "Kairo" that has long been a local exothermic product of a traditional Japanese culture for health and medication.