Overview of KAIRO

Types of "Kairo"

Kairo is categorized broadly into two types, Plaster‐type and Non‐plaster type.
Plaster‐type is sorted to those for the clothes, for the skins directly, for the feet and for wearing the shoes. "For‐the‐skin type" is made in different forms and product specs according to the spots where they are applied, such as shoulders, hips, knees, arms, feet or over the socks.

Plaster type for clothes is the one with the special adhesives for the garment. The materials applied to the adhesive sheets are required of the subtle balance not to fall off while in use but not too solid to peel so that they won’t damage the clothes or leave the starch behind.
This type of "Kairo" has a good fitness and most suitable for the protection against coldness including outer sports and leisure.

"Directly‐to‐the‐skin" type plaster is primarily used as a medical device for enhancing the blood flow or soothing the fatigue.
The form and the feature of the product are designed most suitable for the applying part of the body. The adhesives used are also less irritant to the skin and of higher safety.

Non‐plaster type is used casually, like putting in the pockets, for the outdoor works, or watching the sport events or pastimes.
Various new types of "Kairo" are developed lately, such as those combined with the cosmetics, of enhanced relaxation effects, more fashion‐oriented or with the better touch.

Culture and History of "Kairo"

"Kairo," the portable body‐warmer, is a product given birth by the Japanese culture that uniquely utilized the heating mechanism. Technically speaking, it applies the oxidation of Fe+2 that produces heat and, by controlling the temperature and the moisture, various products have been invented. "Kairo" is well‐known in Japan as its root goes back to the Edo era.

Market of disposable "Kairo" in Japan

By the development of new technologies, such as the gaspermeable films that can control the exothermic temperature and the duration of time, or the new adhesives, the use applications of disposable body‐warmer, the use applications of "Kairo" have been widely broadened; for example, the for‐clothing type, directly‐to the skin type, in‐shoes type, etc. Therefore the volume of shipments in Japan keeps growing. Ferric, as a leading supplier of the intermediate materials for the disposable "Kairo," is contributing to the partner corporations to expand their business.

Market of disposable "Kairo" in Japan